Actual Persons


I’m not really a b*tch!

I am smart, funny, sweet (although I do have a naughty side), and I was really in LOVE with Mark! He’s cute and adorable in a nerdy way :)

— Erica Albright

It’s nearly 11 P.M. on a cool summer night in late August. There is just enough light to silhouette the trees against the sky, and just enough wind to set them noiselessly asway. Space weather reports have forecast a meteor shower emanating from Perseus, peaking sometime between midnight and 1 A.M. You’ve folded up two blankets: a soft and fuzzy one for swaddling, and a scratchy fleece one for the ground. A thermos of hot chocolate and caramel Bailey’s, a couple summer ales, and a flashlight complete the backpack. Light jackets on, deep breath in, and a brisk ckr ckr ckr down the pea gravel path behind your house. The path cuts through the trees and is almost completely dark, but to keep your nightsight the flashlight stays off. Footsying your way around the left, left, right of the path, you make it to the small clearing at its end. You fwhoughhfff out the fleece, plop down the backpack, and snuggle in close under the wool. Staring up at a thousand sun-sized pinpricks, you hear the frogs in the next-door nature sanctuary.

What do the frogs sound like?

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